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Driving in Namibia

The self-drive experience

The ultimate driving experience has never been this stress-free. At Barefoot Namibia we provide you with a 100% reliable vehicle.

For campers we also include a roof-top tent, complete with crisp, clean linen and essentials such as camping chairs and table. Not forgetting the finer details, your camping kit will even include items such as washing pegs and toilet paper.

All vehicles are Toyota Hilux 4x4, unless you would prefer something else in which case we can easily arrange that for you

Driving in Namibia

-Public roads in Namibia are the best in Africa. Visitors from abroad are usually quite surprised to find our public roads linking all the major towns in Namibia to be tarred and in a reasonably good condition. Our secondary road system is mostly surfaced with gravel and it is advisable to drive between 80 and 100 km per hour. Please remember to keep left and avoid driving at night as one usually encounters many animals on or near roads after dark.

-Public transport in Namibia is not as well established as foreign visitors may be accustomed to, especially visitors from Europe. There is no train service from airports into cities and towns. There is also no underground transport system – something which we’re certain visitors from the United Kingdom would consider a welcome break! However, this makes getting around rather problematic when not travelling by car.

-Take the same precautions you would anywhere in the world: Avoid displaying jewellery, expensive cameras and other valuables. Carry all camera equipment in a shoulder bag and not around your neck. DO NOT carry or display large amounts of cash.

-Support identified car guards who, for a small reward, will keep an eye on your car.

-NEVER pick up strangers or hitchhikers. Do not give money to any beggars – including children.

-As distances between towns are considerable make sure that you don't run out of petrol and drinking water. Alway check your tyre pressure and general condition of tyres, as well as radiator water and engine oil.

-PLEASE DO NOT LITTER, and please do not throw burning cigarette butts out of the car window. These could cause bush fires which destroy thousands of hectares of valuable grazing and hurt our wildlife. Please also make sure that camp fires are out before you pack up and leave.

-Do not leave home without your sunglasses, hat or sunscreen (factor 50+), and having a torch handy is also a good idea.

-Try not to travel alone.

-Remember: speed kills and do not drink alcohol and drive.

-Keep your body hydrated – drink enough water! Always fill up your water cans whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

-If you get lost – stay with your vehicle. A chance of spotting a vehicle from a plane is much better.

-Avoid the sun between 10:00 and 16:00 in the summer months. Namibia is in the southern hemisphere so remember that the summer months are between November and March.

-PETROL STATIONS DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS TO PAY FOR FUEL, ONLY CASH! However, many petrol stations have an ATM but not all of them so it's better to have cash available.

-You must have a valid driver's license, passport / ID and credit card for vehicle rental.

General conditions and terms:

-A valid unendorsed license must be produced by the hirer and other drivers of the vehicle.

-Vehicles may not be taken outside the borders of Namibia without the necessary permits and permission from the car hire company.

-Our vehicles are insured. In the event of an insurance claim arising, the hirer will be liable for an excess amount which must be paid by the hirer to the owner.

-Vehicle rates include maintenance, VAT, insurance of the vehicle, unlimited kilometers for rentals exceeding 3 (three) days but excludes fuel, windscreen - and tyre damage, head lamp damage and loss of personal property. Optional Windscreen and tyre insurance is available.

-All rentals are calculated on a 24-hour basis with a 2 hour grace period on the day of return.

-All vehicles are insured against theft on condition that the hirer returns the ignition key to the rental company.

-Rental extensions must be made 48 hours before time and date of agreed date of termination.

-The Owner reserves the right to substitute vehicles – should the booked vehicle not be available.

-Prices are subject to change.

Things to remember . . .

-Keep out of the sun between 10:00 - 16:00

-Drink lots of water

-Don't drive under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs

-Put out all campfires before leaving the camp

-Keep left while driving

-Put on sun block

-Never go off-road

-Travel Insurance is compulsory for all tours